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In its infancy of building national identity, the Israelites are suffering significant growing pains as they begin their wilderness wanderings in the Book of Numbers. Physical discomfort and emotional uncertainty fuel general unrest and rebellion. In this week’s Torah portion, B’haalot’cha, Moses, overwhelmed by the responsibilities of leadership, cries out to God (Num. 11:10-15). In response, God instructs Moses to select seventy elders and officers with whom he will share the responsibilities of governance. While a lesser man might have felt rebuked or even jealousy at the diminishing of his own special status, Moses understands the infinite nature of the divine spirit. When told that the spirit of God came to rest on an additional two leaders, Moses responds “…Would that all the Eternal’s people were prophets, that the Eternal put [the divine] spirit upon them” (Num. 11:29).

Just as it takes more than one prophet to lead in the wilderness, it takes more than one person to run a Temple Community. Temple Am Echad’s board, auxiliary organizations and committed volunteers all work together with its clergy and professional staff to make sure Temple functions effectively and provides a full range of activities for our community. Please join us this Shabbat as we offer our gratitude and honor all of Temple’s dedicated and tireless volunteers at a special Volunteer Appreciation Shabbat Service.

Rabbi Bellush