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A Life of Friends at Am Echad

There are few experiences or decisions one makes that can be viewed as “life changing” other than the “normal” ones i.e., marriage, career, child rearing etc. But outside of those biggies, joining a synagogue has come to mean a life altering event in my later life. Having always been an affiliated, practicing, Reform Jew and

The Evolution of Our Jewish Homeland

I recently read the new book by Israeli journalist, Ari Shavit, entitled My Promised Land. Shavit tells the story of Israel from the time his grandfather came to Palestine from England. He gave up a comfortable life for one of the original Chalutzim, or pioneers, who came to Tel Aviv. Shavit then begins the tale


What defines me as a Jew? This past summer I made aliyah to Israel with Taglit-Birthright through Kesher, an indescribable experience to say the least. While observing Shabbat in Jerusalem, we were asked what we believed the quintessential component is of being a Jew. Being surrounded by friends from all over the United States, Canada,