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Torah, according to Proverbs 3:18, is a “Tree of Life to those who hold fast to it.” As a Jewish religious institution, all we do at Temple Am Echad must be anchored in the values that Torah teaches. This week that message is found in everything from the weekly Torah portion, to our fundraising to our celebrations of Shavuot and Confirmation.

As we begin reading the Book of Numbers with the portion B’midbar, the Tabernacle, and the Holy of Holies which houses the Ark of the Covenant, which holds the tablets of the Ten Commandments, is situated in the center of the camp. God instructs Moses and Aaron about how the twelve tribes are to arrange themselves around the Tabernacle. As the Israelites wander in the desert, the Tabernacle moves with them, reminding the Israelites that adhering to God’s laws is how they are to be a holy nation.

Early this week at our Golf Outing and Banquet we will honor two Temple members who exemplify many of the values in Torah, Laney and Steve Honig. We are so grateful for their devotion to Temple and their willingness to volunteer their time and energy over the many years that they have been a part of our community. Towards the end of the week we will celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, which is traditionally considered the time at which Israel stood around Mount Sinai to receive the gift of Torah. Helping to lead our erev Shavuot service on Saturday evening at 8:00 pm will be two very unique young women, Emily Pritzker and Noa Dubin. They chose to keep Torah at the center of their lives after becoming b’not mitzvah, and now we acknowledge and celebrate their commitment to life-long Jewish learning at a joyful Confirmation service.

So many ways to celebrate Torah and Jewish living this week; hope you can join us!!!

Rabbi Sandra Bellush