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Unlike Joseph, who in this week’s Torah portion Mikeitz lives a fully assimilated life, we are able to live our Judaism freely and openly. Our Rabbi taught that it is incumbent on us to place the Chanukah lamp by the door of one’s house on the outside. If one dwells in an upper chamber, he places it at the window nearest the street (Shabbat 21b). We are instructed to prominently display the lights so that all can be reminded of the miracles and beauty of Judaism.

This week we embrace the festival of lights both inside and outside our Temple walls. We’ll celebrate Shabbat and Chanukah with Kol Echad offering music unique to the holiday at services on Friday night, and on Thursday we’ll be lighting the Village of Lynbrook’s Chanukah menorah. Please join us!

May our Jewish pride shine as brightly as the lights of Chanukah.
Chag urim sameach (“Happy Festival of Lights!!”)
Rabbi Sandra Bellush