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Covenantal blessings and encounters between God and members of Abraham’s household
are at the heart of the Torah portions with which we engage at this time of year. Abraham’s welcoming response to the appearance of three strangers in this week’s Torah portion, Vayeira, reminds us of our responsibility to enthusiastically serve others. This is especially true as members of a religious community, where our success is so fundamentally tied to the participation of our membership. Temple provides many ways to serve our community, both within and beyond our synagogue walls.

On Thursday of this week we are being called upon to participate in Temple’s Congregational meeting. While Temple’s Board and Administrative leadership, along with professional staff, are charged with managing day-to-day issues, our long-term direction and sacred goals require input from all our members. Being part of a religious community requires meaningful participation, something that can only be accomplished with an understanding of the issues currently facing our community. Abraham felt the responsibility to serve three strangers who, we find out later, are messengers from God. How much more so then should we be willing to serve our own holy community.

Rabbi Bellush