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My Experience of a Hasidic Passover

I have been planning a trip to Israel, to visit my son and daughter-in-law and their children, for months. The experience was very interesting, as I have never experienced an orthodox Jewish Passover. I arrived about two weeks before the first seder, and assisted with the preparation for Passover during my visit. If you live


One particular theme that stands out in this week’s Parsha is that Hashem gives us commandments as both a blessing and a curse. He lays out the laws and commandments and tells us there will be consequences for not following them. Living in this era we already know that we can not have lawlessness, but


The parsha Va’etchanan, Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11, includes a repetition of the 10 commandments as well as the Shema – which as we all know, ends with “Adonai is our God, Adonai is one.” But what does that mean – Adonai is one? Does it mean that there is only one God? Does it mean that God


Never underestimate your Temple. I have tears in my eyes as I write this note to say thank you to all the good and kind people of our Temple. I don’t go to services as often as I should, but no one judges me for that. I am always made to feel welcome. Our family

Feed the Hungry

“Feed the Hungry” is one of the most successful of the Am Echad programs.  Kudos to Steve and Jane Miller for making this a reality.  The program relies on an all-volunteer cadre of shoppers, and then the volunteers cook every Wednesday.  Over 450 meals are prepared each week for the mission in Far Rockaway and

My Trip to Israel

When my son-in law drove me to the airport to go to Israel I thought I was dreaming.  I had bought the airplane tickets a few months before. I was looking forward to seeing my 3 baby grandchildren and son and daughter-in-law.  Also leaving the constant snow to 65% to 75% temperature would be great.

The Politics of Biblical History

A couple of weeks ago when I prepared for the class in Jewish History that I teach to our fourth grade religious school students, I included something about the Palestinian’s view of Jewish history and what they label the “lies” of the Israeli government about ancient Israel. As I was teaching I realized that the

Coming Home

When the subject of a temple blog came up, we knew we had to co-write an entry. When Eva visited from Utah a few months ago, did we go out for dinner or coffee to catch up?  Of course not – we went to Temple! Our friendship began in preschool; we were part of the