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In ‘Never Forgetting’ We’ll Remember to ‘Never Lose Hope’

This message is being composed on April 21st of 2020, coinciding this year with Yom Hashoah. At a time in our lives when we have been forced to pause, we have time to contemplate what gives us meaning and purpose. Jews around the world recognize that today our thoughts are about “never forgetting” and “never

Passover Spirituality is Where We Look for It

The dichotomy between communal worship and individual home observance has always existed. These days, we realize more than ever that engaging in Jewish ritual is more about satisfying internal spiritual needs rather than communal expressions of Jewish identity. Normally our own Jewish practice is divided between our attendance at Temple, and what we do at

In Anticipation of the Passover Holiday

As we prepare to observe Passover, we may find ourselves comparing this year to previous ones. Many of us will be limited to on-line observances and making do with only a few of the ritual items and foods which would normally grace our Seder tables. It is in times like these that it is especially

Random Acts of Kindness

That a rabbi might be grateful for a minyan is relatively common. That a rabbi can say “you made my day” to a Minion, is a bit more unusual. Over the weekend my doorbell rang, and I found a package of cookies placed between my front and screen doors. The note said “May these cookies

Finding Comfort in Jewish Ritual

At this past Monday morning’s briefing, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the State’s goal was to keep New Yorkers “…socially distanced, but spiritually connected.” While I prefer using the phrase “physically distanced,” I applaud the idea of “spiritual connection.” That is our goal here at Temple Am Echad as well, to keep our networks of connection

More Than Ever We Need Shabbat!

Our Temple has always been a place where we seek closeness to one another, comfort in Jewish tradition and a sense of God’s divine presence. Up to now, finding Shabbat joy, for many of us, has meant coming to Temple or otherwise gathering with family and friends. Yet today, current circumstances have many of us

The Second Time Around

Self-professed experts give much advice about why “love is (or isn’t) better” the second time around. One thing, however, is clear; it’s never the same. Whether it’s falling in love again with the same person, or with someone new, the relationship is not the same. The first experience changes us and impacts the second. We

A Vote for ARZA is a Vote for Reform in Israel and the US!

Here in the States this week voting is about Super Tuesday, but for Jews voting this week is also about strengthening Reform Judaism. The World Zionist Congress elections only run through March 11th. If you’ve already voted, THANK YOU!!!!! If you have not yet done so, please note that you must do so BY MARCH

Be a Part of Purim!

Today is Rosh Chodesh Adar, the beginning of the Hebrew month in which we celebrate Purim! The saying “Mishenichnas Adar marbim b’simcha,” means “When the month of Adar arrives, we should increase our joy.” This year, with so many Purim activities here at Temple, joyful participation is easier than ever! In addition to Sunday’s shpiel,

A Message from Rabbi Sandra Bellush

There’s an old joke that says the reason the Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years is that Moses wouldn’t stop to ask for directions! We, in fact, know that God’s reasons for taking the Israelites the long way is about giving them time to evolve away from the slave mentality of Egypt, and