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templeWhen the subject of a temple blog came up, we knew we had to co-write an entry. When Eva visited from Utah a few months ago, did we go out for dinner or coffee to catch up?  Of course not – we went to Temple!

Our friendship began in preschool; we were part of the Temple Emanuel Preschool class of ’87, so that’s where we had to reunite. It was a spiritual day; we realized our friendship itself was spiritual, and that we had both returned home – to Temple.

As children, we spent every Sunday together at Sunday school, every Tuesday and Thursday together at Hebrew school, Tuesday nights at Hebrew high school, Purim carnivals, bazaars, high holidays, and of course countless Shabbats and onegs. The number of Wall’s brownies and laughs shared between us friends and the countless others in our temple family is almost overwhelming.

There are friends you talk to every day, friends you talk to from time to time, friends you talk to once in a blue moon, and friends who are now only distant fond memories. Same goes for places. There’s a certain something special about a friend or place you might have been away from for a while but somehow, when you see each other again, it’s as if you never parted ways, as if you never left. These are the friends and places we should hold dear to our hearts.

And of course we had to take a picture with Mrs. Chaplick!

By Doug Beckerman and Eva Kiviat Brown