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Leadership can be rewarding, but, at the same time, it can also be challenging.
Even Moses reaches a point of such frustration with the Israelites that in this week’s Torah portion, Chukat, he lashes out. Moses calls them “rebels” and rather than follow God’s instructions to speak in order to bring forth water from a rock, Moses strikes the rock with his rod, not once, but twice.  Some commentators note that Moses was suffering from the recent death of his sister Miriam, and, as a result, he was less able to cope with the stress of his leadership position.

Still today leadership is rewarding, but, can also be a challenge. There are many demands on our time, and balancing all of our responsibilities is sometimes daunting. That is why we are so grateful to our Temple leadership for the time and devotion they offer our community. At Shabbat services this Friday night we will be thanking those whose terms of service are coming to an end, and installing the new boards of Am Echad’s Men’s Club and Sisterhood, as well as Temple’s board and officers for the coming year.

Please be a part of our worship and celebration as we offer our gratitude and blessings to those who sacrifice so much and work so hard on our behalf.

Rabbi Bellush