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Acknowledging God’s role in our lives comes easier to some more than others. It took the
Ten Plagues for Pharaoh to understand that Adonai is more powerful than any Egyptian god, as well as more powerful than even Pharaoh himself. We know that because in this week’s Torah portion, Bo, when Pharaoh finally allows the Israelites to leave Egypt he says to Moses and Aaron “…Go … and be gone! And may you bring a blessing upon me also!” (Ex. 12:31-32) Pharaoh doesn’t ask God for a specific thing, just for general well-being. What constitutes that well-being and when it comes to be is in God’s hands. It is a measure of trust that God does, indeed, know best. Pharaoh and the Egyptian people paid a dear price to learn that lesson. How much better it would have been to come to that understanding without so much pain and suffering. May our pain and suffering be small and our willingness to trust much greater.

Rabbi Sandra M. Bellush