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An Israelite King was to have with him a copy of the law at all times, so that he would read it “all his life, so that he may learn to revere his God Adonai, to observe faithfully every word” of the teachings and the law (Deut. 17:9). How fitting that these words from this week’s Torah portion, Shof’tim, come to us in the same week as our first bar mitzvah of the new school year! We are reminded of the importance of always living our lives according to Torah. Not even royalty is exempt!

Here, at Temple Am Echad, our approach to b’nai mitzvah training is to provide each student with a solid base of Torah and Judaism that they can carry with them and build on throughout their lives. Jewish learning is a life-long process with milestones along the way. This upcoming Shabbat is all about learning. Our Family Service on Friday night will officially welcome our new Education Director, Gina Giuiffre. On Shabbat morning, Jack Haberman will be leading us in prayer and offering words of Torah as he becomes a bar mitzvah. And on Sunday, we begin our Religious School year at 9:30 am with a short service that is open to all!

Please join us for worship and learning!

Rabbi Sandra Bellush