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Adonai calls to Moses saying, ‘speak to the Israelite people…’ So begins the Book of Leviticus, which is mostly about laws pertaining to priestly matters and the rituals of sacrifices to God. Vayikra, which we begin reading this week, teaches that all Israel must be educated regarding the priestly activities. Although the korbanot, the rituals that are supposed to bring the Israelites closer to God, are carried out by the priests, all Israel must have knowledge of the rules for bringing the offerings. Understanding the rules and circumstances that lead to actions, religious and otherwise, is the responsibility of all the Israelites.

So it is today. All of us (including Jews in the Diaspora) have the responsibility to try to understand the actions of Israel’s leaders, and this week we have an opportunity to do just that here at Temple Am Echad. Tonight, on Wednesday, March 13th, at 7:30 pm, Rabbi Josh Weinberg, President of ARZA, will address political realities in Israel in a presentation titled “Living the Dream, Facing the Reality.” Please join us.

Rabbi Sandra M. Bellush