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Every Voice, Every Vote is The Reform Movement’s non-partisan 2020 Civic Engagement Campaign, designed to encourage everyone to vote and to break down obstacles that shut some out of the voting booth. The effort is being spear-headed through the Religious Action Center. Temple Am Echad is engaged in this important work thanks to the organizing efforts of Vivian Blumstein and Social Action Committee Co-Chair, Lee Jacob. A group of approximately twenty volunteers is getting together again this week to prepare targeted and personalized postcards reminding individuals of the importance of confirming registration status and engaging in our democratic process of selecting our leaders.

Leadership through the selection of civic officials and the appointment of judges is part of this week’s Torah portion, Shof’tim. God’s command to the Israelites to appoint magistrates and officials is in order that “…they shall govern the people with justice” (Deut. 16:18). Fair and impartial governance is at the heart of an ethical and righteous social structure. Torah reminds us that we are each responsible for achieving that goal: “Justice, Justice shall you pursue…”(Deut. 16:20).

For more information about Temple Am Echad’s efforts in this area, please contact Vivian or Lee. For information about the RAC’s efforts and other ways to be involved in ensuring justice in our electoral process, please go to https://rac.org/take-action/congregations-communities/rac-civic-engagement-campaign-2020.

Rabbi Bellush