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The Friedberg JCC Early Childhood Center will be your child’s
“home away from home” filled with love and smiles!


The Friedberg Jewish Community Center is proud of our Early Childhood Centers’ high quality programming and excellent staff. Our programs, serving children birth to 5 years old and their families, are licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. Each of our four Early Childhood Centers is designed to facilitate the growth of children physically, socially and cognitively. Our Judaic and secular holiday and enrichment programs add an extra dimension to your child’s preschool experience.

Our Philosophy

As leaders in the Early Childhood community, our year-round programs embrace developmentally appropriate practices and utilize differentiated teaching styles within our curriculum.

We understand that each child has an individual learning style as well as a personal timetable for development. In our child centered classrooms, individual interests are identified, and activities are planned that give each child an opportunity for exploration and self-direction. Our children acquire social competence and the skills they need to succeed as lifelong learners.

Welcome CATCH!Print

The JCC welcomes CATCH to its lineup in Early Childhood. CATCH is a national campaign, offering a coordinated approach to child health. The goal is to incorporate active learning into all thematic units. Activity cards provide warm up, movement and cool-down suggestions that are engaging, fun and meaningful. CATCH is cutting edge and a wonderful step towards bringing total wellness to our youngest members.

Preschool Fun Provides Solid Foundation for Excellence!

IMG_1182Our Early Childhood programs are based on well-researched theory and proven results regarding how children learn and develop. These include:

  • Active, hands-on learning
  • Acquisition of concepts which lead to the development of basic skills
  • Meaningful, relevant content and learning experiences integrated across the content areas
  • Interactive teaching and cooperative learning
  • Attention to individual learning styles

Enrichment programs are offered at all of our sites. See our latest Centerpiece for current listings.

Infants & Toddlers

Infants (6 weeks–18 months)
Oceanside and Lynbrook Locations Only

By connecting with warm, caring adults at the start of life, children begin to develop the ability to connect with others throughout their lives. Here at the JCC, your baby will enjoy warm, human contact with caregivers who not only ensure the children’s safety and comfort, but also foster infants’ physical, sensory, social, emotional and intellectual development.

Your child’s learning evolves through relationships and responsive care through direct, hands-on experiences and developmentally appropriate activities with people, objects, events and ideas.

Infants and toddlers are encouraged to discover the world around them by exploring and playing. Developmental goals provide the framework for planning individualized experiences that support each child’s development. There are six primary goals that guide our interactions with infants and toddlers:

  • To learn about themselves (self-concept)
  • To learn about their feelings (emotions and expressing feelings)
  • To learn about communicating (verbal and non verbal)
  • To learn about moving and doing (gross motor, fine motor & eye-hand coordination)
  • To acquire thinking skills (cognitive development)
  • To learn in a loving and caring environment (safety & security)

Toddlers (18 months-2 years)

As your infant grows into a toddler, development of language and future literacy skills are greatly enhanced through daily activities and thematic units. Social skills will develop through interaction with friends, learning to take turns, sharing, laughter, participation and above all having fun.

2 Years

Our two-year olds have great fun in this beginning school experience. For many of them, this is also a first time separation. Our experienced staff will gently guide your child to a place of trust and security. Another important goal of our program is language development. Children are encouraged to express themselves through language as a means of communication. Your child will have varied opportunities to further develop, expand and strengthen fine and gross motor skills. Our two-year olds develop social skills by interacting with both peers and adults.

3 Years

Our three-year olds are introduced to a broad academic curriculum in our language and literature rich classrooms through play and small group instruction. Early math concepts are presented throughout the day, providing your child with a foundation of readiness skills. Small and gross motor development, expansion of social skills, science, music, computers and art will also be part of your three year old’s experience.

4 Years

When your child is four, it is time to embark on a yearlong learning adventure as they prepare for Kindergarten. Progressively challenging language and math experiences, as well as science, social studies, and computers, will round out your child’s Pre-Kindergarten experience. Phonemic awareness and letter recognition are emphasized. Children will also further develop their fine and gross motor skills as they refine social skills and develop a clearer sense of community and responsibility.


Lunch and snacks are available at all four of our locations. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are provided at no extra charge at our Oceanside and Long Beach locations. All meals are kosher-dairy, are prepared on our premises and meet the nutritional requirements of the Department of Health.

Please note: Lunch in our Oceanside and Long Beach location is provided by a Federal Grant (CACFP – Child and Adult Care Food Program)

Extended Care

Early morning and late afternoon care are available for all children enrolled at an additional cost.

Holiday Programs

All three of our locations offer holiday programming when schools are not in session.

Optional Door-to-Door Bus

  • JCC owned & operated
  • 2 adults on every run
  • NYS inspected buses & certified CDL drivers
  • Round trip or one way