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As we prepare to observe Passover, we may find ourselves comparing this year to previous ones. Many of us will be limited to on-line observances and making do with only a few of the ritual items and foods which would normally grace our Seder tables.

It is in times like these that it is especially important to thank God for what we do have. If we are blessed with good health and the love of family and friends, we are indeed very fortunate. This year, a Passover observance that sincerely thanks God for freeing the Israelites from slavery and giving us the gift of Torah might just have to be enough.

There is one other aspect of Passover that we should not neglect. It is the realization that many in our community live constantly with the fear of food insecurity. The Haggadah reminds us to “Let all who are hungry come and eat! Let all who are in want come and celebrate Passover with us.” Please take these words to heart, and consider making a contribution to Mazon or a local food pantry as part of your holiday observance. Even in our isolation, we must not forget the needy in our community!

May this Passover be one of health and safety for you and your loved ones.

Chag Sameach,
Rabbi Bellush