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The Saperstein/Bernstein Religious School celebrates Jewish learning with both Hebrew Language and Judaic Studies components. Steeped in our Reform traditions, students learn the traditional stories of our faith, attempting to instill in our youngest congregants the values that Jews have cherished for thousands of years.

Starting in September 2017, our Judaic studies classes will offer a dynamic, values based curriculum that helps students see the connections between their daily life and Jewish tradition and wisdom.  Blending classroom instruction and family engagement with technology support, this curriculum focuses on seven core Jewish values:

  • Teshuvah (תשובה) Taking Responsibility for Our Actions
  • B’tzelem Elohim (בצלם אלהים) Honor the Image of God in Ourselves and Others
  • Gevurah (גבורה) Using Strength to Do What’s Right
  • Achrayut (אחריות) Making the World a Better Place
  • Hakarat HaTov (הכרת הטוב) Seeking Joy and Being Grateful
  • Koach HaDibbur (כוח הדיבור) The Power of Words
  • Shalom (שלום) Contributing to a More Peaceful World

With each grade, the curriculum shifts to deepen the students’ understanding.  Classroom instruction is enriched with programs and specialties including: Art, Cooking, Music, Jewish Library, Caring Community, and Mitzvah Projects.

Our Hebrew Language program comprised of educators with extensive backgrounds in teaching language skills to children is geared to provide a working reading knowledge of the language so that children and adolescents can carry out the responsibilities of Bar/Bat Mitzvah and carry that knowledge into adulthood.  Students apply their knowledge in our school worship service every Sunday morning, led by Rabbi Bellush and Cantor Dubin, and in Family shabbat services.

Our school is open to visitors by appointment. Please e-mail our Director of Education Jared Berry or call the school office during class hours to arrange a visit for you and your child.

Class Schedule

  • Grades K-3 – Sundays – 9:30-11:45AM
  • Grades 4-6 – Sundays – 9:30-11:45AM AND Tuesdays – 4:30-6:00PM
  • Grade 7 – Sundays – 9:30-11:45AM AND Tuesdays – 6:15-7:30PM (dinner & classes)
  • Grades 8-12 – Third Tuesday of every month – 6:15-8:15PM (dinner & classes)
  • Madrichim – Sundays – 9:30-11:45AM (open to students in grades 8-12)