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That a rabbi might be grateful for a minyan is relatively common. That a rabbi can say “you made my day” to a Minion, is a bit more unusual. Over the weekend my doorbell rang, and I found a package of cookies placed between my front and screen doors. The note said “May these cookies bring some sweetness to our isolation.” Looking up, I saw two adults in full Minion costumes and their gloved and masked assistants heading to the next house on the block. The Minions’ identity was totally concealed; but I realized that their masked assistants, who were pulling a red wagon full of cookies, were total strangers. I waved, offered my thank you’s at a distance well beyond 6 ft., and literally felt moved to tears by their act of kindness.

We speak so often of our yearning to feel God’s presence in our lives. What a different place our world would be if each and every one of us began the day by asking ourselves “what can I do today that will let someone else feel God’s love in their life.” Maybe it’s as easy as offering a cookie and a smile — costume optional!

Rabbi Bellush