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Welcome to Am Echad Youth Programs!

The 2016-17 Youth Programs Calendar is now available!

Membership Application – Complete and return the form, with the appropriate dues payment to the Temple Office.

Youth Scholarship Application – Complete (type in the document then print) and return the form, with any necessary additions or program information, to Jared Berry at AmEchadYouthProgram@gmail.com. The Scholarship Form should always be completed prior to the event/program, submission of the form is not a guarantee of scholarship.

2016-2017 ONESY Board

President: CJ Pritzker
Executive VP Programming: Evan Panzer
Social Action VP: Sarah Burch
Religious & Cultural VP: Louise Hochberg
Membership/Communication VP: Ben Wettstein

For more information about our youth programs– E-mail the Temple Am Echad Director of Youth Programs, Jared Berry, at AmEchadYouthPrograms@gmail.com