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Much more so than ever before in recent history, our nation’s politics have taken a toll on our spiritual well-being. Today is not the first time we have anxiously awaited election results. Yet, it may be one of the first times that so much uncertainty over the validity of the results exists before the actual election.

At one time we may have awaited today’s election with hope that the rancor and divisiveness characterizing the presidential campaign and plaguing our nation would finally come to an end. Now, it seems that we could be at the beginning of a contentious and belligerent, even combative, assessment of the results. We pray that as individuals and as a nation, we remain strong, as well as dedicated to and demanding of transparency and honesty in our democratic process.

In times of stress we turn to God in prayer, as did my colleague in Denver, Rabbi Joe Black, who wrote the following:

“Our God and God of all people: God of the Right and God of the Left. God of the Democrats and God of the Republicans…
We cannot remember a time when we have seen such division. We are exhausted and fearful of the ugliness that surrounds us.
God, help us to see the beauty in one another. May our partisanship turn to partnership as we work to rebuild our trust in our nation and in ourselves – regardless of the outcome at the polls.
Help us to keep faith in both our electoral process and in You – the source of hope and good in the world.
May this election help to heal the wounds that our nation has experienced. May hubris give way to holiness.”

And let us say, “AMEN.”

Rabbi Sandra M. Bellush