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Warren Cooper, President
Warren, his wife Shari and son Justin have been members of Temple AmWarren Cooper Echad for the past fifteen years. During that time, Warren served on the Board of Directors of Temple for eight years as well as being an active member of the Men’s Club Board and President of that organization for three years. He is currently a member of the Temple Choir and has served as the Co-Chairman of the Temple Golf Outing for the past four years and plays a vital role in all aspects of Temple life. Warren looks forward to meeting you and introducing you to all aspects of Temple Am Echad life. He can be reached at: wcooper024@gmail.com

Edie Mandel, First Vice President (Finance)
Edie’s parents were life members of Temple Am Echad, where she attended religious school and was confirmed. Her daughter Janna had her Bat Mitzvah at Temple in 2001, and Edie was an adult Bat Mitzvah in 2014.  Edie served on the Sisterhood Board for several years, and she has been a member of the Temple Board of Directors for 5 years. She has also co-chaired the successful Jewish Film Series for 6 years. Edie is looking forward to keeping our current members engaged in Temple activities and getting our new members involved in all that we have to offer – adult education, tot programs, youth programs, Caring Community, etc.  To learn more about Temple Am Echad and who we are, please contact Edie at emandelpromo@aol.com.

Jared Berry, Second Vice President (Membership)
Jared is a life-long member of Temple Am Echad. He attended the Early Childhood Center, became Bar Mitzvah, a confirmand, and graduate of the Hebrew High School.  As a teen, he held leadership positions in the youth group and served actively as a madrich. After traveling to Israel on Birthright in 2013, he became a member of the Temple staff, serving as a Hebrew teacher, Director of Youth Programs, and most recently served as Director of Education (2016-2019).  Since joining the Board of Directors, he has served as co-chair of the High Holy Day committee and chair of the Technology committee, overseeing the implementation of our live-streaming system.  To contact Jared, please email: membershipvp@am-echad.org

Officers and Directors 2022-2023
Last Name First Name Position
Cooper Warren President
Mandel Edie 1st VP Finance
Berry Jared 2nd VP Membership
Silverman Bruce Treasurer
Zuckerbrot Phyllis Assistant Treasurer
Resnick Ira Financial Secretary
Rubel Alane Recording Secretary
Linsky Robert Auditor
Wolfsohn Jonathan Auditor
Terms ending 6/2023
Haberman Howard Bd Member
Honig Laney Bd Member
Kantrowitz Paul Bd Member
Paskoff Andrea Bd Member
Pritzker Elliot Bd Member
Schroeder Ivi Bd Member
Shulman Donna Bd Member
Terms ending 6/2024
Blumstein Vivian Bd Member
Charnow Ron Bd Member
Darby Pam Bd Member
Eden Julie Bd Member
Farbman David Bd Member
Jacob Lee Bd Member
Stein Joshua Bd Member
Zaslansky Marty Bd Member

Women of Am Echad President:  Diane Smoller

Men’s Club Co-Presidents:  David Lieberman and Bill Stein

Past Presidents
Marc Bendeth
Steve Blaustein
Ira Blumstein
Richard Braverman
Lisa Burch
Robert Friedman
Louis Gross
Abby Himmelstein
Allen Hochberg
Sue Hochberg
Greta Kantrowitz
Bruce Kerner
Donna Levy
Alan Paskoff
Ken Marion
Philip Meltzer
Carole Neely
Marge Nordell
Arliene Reich
Laura Silverman, z”l
Barbara Stern
Andy Trevers
Ted Tsuruoka, z”l
Gregg Weinstock