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This week and next we have the opportunity to participate in the governance of communities of which we are a part. The first is our own Temple Am Echad Congregational Meeting to be zoomed on Thursday night. The second is next Tuesday, November 3rd, Election Day. In both cases, we have a responsibility to know the pertinent issues facing us, as well as a responsibility to express our views. By participating and voting, we commit to being full members of the communities of which we are a part and show acceptance of our individual responsibility to act for the good of the whole.

Judaism teaches that we must not stand idly by. We have the ability to positively impact the world around us. In order to do so, we must show up and speak up! Whether at our Temple meeting or at the voting booth, let’s show our commitment and meet the responsibilities of being invested in the institutions of which we are a part.

Rabbi Sandra M. Bellush