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Never underestimate your Temple. I have tears in my eyes as I write this note to say thank you to all the good and kind people of our Temple. I don’t go to services as often as I should, but no one judges me for that. I am always made to feel welcome. Our family is planning a trip to Israel and the Rabbi is as excited as we are and met with us to give us his ideas, experiences and advice. When we walked in to meet with him, so many familiar faces, having meetings of substance throughout the building and many nods of hello. I tend to forget how many people I know through Temple Am Echad.

My husband just had surgery and I did not even realize that once your name is on the Mishabeirach list, the Caring Community goes to work behind the scenes. A phone call came in to our home asking if we need anything- a cooked meal, a ride? I called back to say, “yes, my husband needs a ride to the doctor.” Within a few hours, a familiar voice offered his car and his time to drive Michael to the doctor. Yes, he can wait until Michael is done and drive him back home. What a beautiful way to practice what we preach and learn at Temple or from the Torah. I feel so embraced, blessed and bolstered by my Temple community.

My sister was visiting and she does not have a network like this and she was envious and glad for me. When my dad passed away, my sisters thought of moving my mom to Massachusetts where they both live. I told them her friends were here on LI. And weren’t they surprised to witness the outpouring of love and concern and friendship from our Temple and of course, her swimming buddies, too. Congregants still ask me about her and tell me they miss her. What a warm fuzzy feeling from our Temple.

– by Joanne Lewin-Jacus