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Our Temple has a long history of volunteerism:

  • Teach in our Religious School
  • Serve on a Temple Committee
  • Help run events

To teach in our religious school, contact Jared Berry at (516) 593-4004, ext. 132 or at amechadschool@gmail.com.
To serve on a committee, contact Irene Drantch, Executive Director, at (516) 593-4004, ext. 127 or at amechadexec@gmail.com.


Administrative: Greta Kantrowitz, Warren Cooper, Edie Mandel, Alan Paskoff, Bob Linsky, Marc Bendeth, Elliot Pritzker, Eileen Calman, Bill Stein/David Yuni, Phyllis Zuckerbrot, Donna Levy, David Farbman, Rabbi Bellush, Irene Drantch

Adult Education: Micky Friedman & Paul Kantrowitz – open

Building: Marc Bendeth & Elliot Pritzker

By-Laws: Robert Himmelstein & Greg Weinstock, Merril Fleiderbaum, David Farbman, Barbara Stern, Bruce Silverman

Caring Community: Ellen Tolle – open

Cemetery: Steve Hoffman

College Contact: Bryna Paskoff

Feed the Hungry: Stephen M. Miller & Jane Miller – open

Finance: Warren Cooper, Bruce Silverman, Rob Himmelstein, Marc Bendeth, Elliot Pritzker, Jonathan Wolfson, Alan Paskoff, Eileen Calman, Ira Resnick, David Farbman, Bob Linsky, Lisa Burch, Jared Berry, Greta Kantrowitz, Edie Mandel

Future Planning: David Farbman, Howie Haberman, Bruce Silverman, Warren Cooper, Edie Mandel, Donna Levy

Gala: Alan Paskoff, Bruce Rabinowitz, June Resnick, Bryna Paskoff, Marc Bendeth, Ronnie Bendeth

Gifts & Memorials: Julie Eden, Irene Drantch

High Holy Days: Julie Eden, Bruce Silverman, Jared Berry, Carole Neely

High Holy Day Greeters: Andy Sparberg, Steve Honig

Investment: Bob Linsky, David Burch, Jonathan Wolfsohn, Ira Resnick

Judaica Shop: Julie Eden

Legal: David Farbman

Library: Carole Schrager & Bryna Paskoff

Membership: Edie Mandel – open

Minyan: Ira Blumstein, Fred Karp, Dahlia White, Marc Bendeth, Alan Paskoff

Oneg: Lee Jacob, Donna Levy, Alane Rubel

Pulpit: Donna Levy

Religious School/Youth: Lauren Hargreaves, Alan Paskoff

Sacred Music: Vivian Blumstein, Sylvia Dultz

Scholarship: Julie Eden, Pat Glass, Barbara Stern, Micky Friedman, Sandi Simons, Abby Himmelstein, Alane Nadel

Security: Warren Cooper, Bruce Silverman, Avery Eden, Marc Bendeth, Elliot Pritzker, Andy Sparberg, Irene Drantch

Social Action: Jean Marion, Lee Jacob, Amy Chrein, Linda Friedman, Howard Bernstein, Adrienne Samuels

10th Year Anniversary: Andy Trevers, Arliene Reich

Visionaries Fundraising: Greta Kantrowitz, Andy Trevers, Bruce Silverman, Rabbi Bellush

Worship: Ellen Tolle, Arleine Reich, Ron Charnow, Ronnie Bendeth (Lay Lead services), Susan Becker, Fran Farbman

Young Family Outreach: Andrea Paskoff – open